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There are a number of stages to be followed if a successful garden is to be designed and constructed, with each stage an essential element in the design process. Here we have used a garden recently designed and constructed in a Kentish village to illustrate each stage from conception to completion.

STAGE 1 - Site Survey and Analysis of Existing Garden

Here we look at your garden and analyse its good and bad points plus its potential. Special attention is given to its position in relation to its surroundings. For example, can views be framed and the landscape "borrowed", or should the emphasis be on seclusion with the interest maintained within the garden? Practical requirements such as a shed, greenhouse, washing line etc are also considered during this stage.

Site Analysis
Site Analysis

STAGE 2 - The Preliminary Plan and Illustrations

Producing a final Master Plan for your garden is the ultimate goal but before we reach this stage a preliminary plan is presented to you, which is the result of consultation and the development of ideas. Because the plan is 2-Dimensional, it can leave a lot to the imagination. Having the ideas illustrated so that you can see how the garden will look when constructed is a very important aspect of our design process.

Preliminary Plan
The Preliminary Plan

Illustration of Pool
Pool Garden
Illustration of  Entrance
Illustartion of Courtyard

STAGE 3 - The Master Plan

The Master Plan is the culmination of all the work carried out in Stages 1 & 2 of the design process. The Plan will normally be at the scale 1:100 and, together with plan notes and building specifications, will be used by the landscape contractors for costing and on-site construction. It will also be your main reference material during the planning and construction stages of your garden.

Master Plan
The Master Plan

Illustrated Master Plan
The Master Plan Illustrated

STAGE 4 - Planting Plan (Optional)

Planting Plans are optional and can be for all or part of the garden. Emphasis is given to soil conditions, available light, form, colour, size and plant combinations.

This example is for a "hot" bed.

Planting Plan
Plant Illustration
Plant List

1. Enseteventricosum - Banana Plant (3)
2. Cleome hasselriana - Colour Fountain (11)
3. Canna indica (6)
4. Argyranthemum - Jamaica Primrose (2)
5. Pelargonium - Royal Oak (3)
6. Aeonium aboreum - Schwarzkopf
7. Felicia amelloides - Santa Anita
8. Cosmos - Sensation
9. Nicotina sylvestris - Tobacco Plant
10. Ricinus communis - Castor Oil Plant

STAGE 5 - Construction & Project Management

It is important that the garden landscape company can properly interpret the plan and build your garden according to the specifications. Country Garden Designs can obtain quotations from from reputable landscape companies with whom we have experience and can trust. You may however prefer to carry out all or part of the works yourself or use someone you know to do the construction work. In either event we can project manage the work and deal with the contractors on a day-to-day basis, if required. Please see the Design and Build Service page for more information.

Our garden design service covers the Weald area of Kent and East Sussex. This area includes Cranbrook, Crowborough, Ewhurst, Goudhurst, Hadlow, Hartley, Hawkhurst, Headcorn, Lamberhurst, Maidstone, Robertsbridge, Sevenoaks, Sissinghurst, Staplehurst, Tenterden, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Wadhurst, Yalding and more...