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Gazebos have a wide range of uses from a place to sit and relax in, part of a water garden or an outdoor entertainment centre with cooking and bar facilities. In all cases they provide an attractive feature to both see and enjoy.

As part of our Design & Build service we can design and install a beautiful gazebo to your specifications.

Option include cedar shingle tiles, thatch tiles, internal seating and balustrading. To complete the picture we can provide a decked or paved base and power for lighting and heating. All gazebos are built to the highest quality using the best materials.

Standard Gazebo design

A standard gazebo design with balustrading ready for table and chairs

Gazebo entertainment complex

An outside entertainment complex with two linking gazebos, one with a bar and cooking equipment and the other with comfortable seating and a fireplace

Gazebos as part of water garden
A gazebo as part of a water garden. The decking is an octagonal shape to match the gazebo.