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Garden Wine Cellar

Garden Wine CellarGarden Wine CellarGarden Wine Cellar

Spiral Cellars is the established expert in wine storage for the home, specialising in unique premium wine cellars.  With a range of outstanding options for its discerning clients across the UK and further afield Spiral Cellars has, for more than 30 years, been leading the way in offering luxurious large-scale wine storage that fulfils not only a highly functional need, but also looks stunning.

A Spiral Cellar is a watertight cylindrical concrete system sunk into the earth through the ground floor of a house, from the convenience of the kitchen or lounge to the garage or even the garden, with various size options offering great flexibility whatever the collection.

It is designed to store wine at optimum humidity, temperature and darkness and works by using the earth’s natural attributes and a clever ventilation system.  Its position in the ground means the cellar remains at ideal temperatures and the simple passive-style ventilation system and concrete construction maintain a suitable humidity level.

The Spiral Cellar sits within a waterproof system to ensure it remains watertight and is also surrounded by a reinforced concrete ring, which maintains the integrity of the space and withholds the ground pressure.  Planning permission is not required nor is underpinning or deeper foundations.

Customers can choose to have the whole installation completed by Spiral Cellars or, if other building works are taking place, the customer's builder can prepare the hole so that Spiral Cellars installs the cellar only.  Installation takes 3-9 days dependent on which type of installation is chosen and each project benefits from a dedicated project management team, including an in-house installation team.

With finished internal diameters of between 2.1m and 2.2m and depths of between 1.35m and 3m, allowing for between 650 and 1,870 bottles, a Spiral Cellar is the ideal option for the hobbyist or avid collector alike and can easily be customised to the individual home and wine lover.

Country Garden Designs partners with Spiral Cellars to offer its customers this unique storage system, and particularly recommends the Garden Cellar, a waterproof version of the core design that can be installed in almost any garden setting. 

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Garden Wine Cellar